Net Shape Forging

Alexrims is forging ahead in suspension system that we have developed with our unique net-shaped forging techniques to engineering lightweight suspension architectures such as steering knuckles and control arms, among others, while achieving excellent mechanical strength and stiffness to enhance driving and handling.   Highly integrated in-house craftsmanship starts from billet production, hydraulic forging, continuous heat treatment, machining and assembly services. Coupled with non-destructive testing and inspections throughout the process ranging from ultrasonic inspections on the billets, to the fluorescent penetrant testing on the SSA products, our robust controls ensuring the highest and consistent quality products are our answer to the challenging demands our customers deserve.   Our suspension initiatives are supported by internal Technology Center, Tool Shop, Metallurgical Lab, Engineering, as well as external proving ground partner providing product engineering and validation services, taking our offerings to the higher levels of excellence.   Taking advantage of the engineering capabilities,